Dragonfire Beads Courses


If you are fascinated as I was by the amazing craft of Lampworking but not sure if its for you, why not try it or if you have a crafty friend or family member then I can offer:

Taster Lesson

In this one-on-one 2 hour lesson you will be introduced to the basics, become aware of the dangers of “playing with fire” and make 7-11 beads which you will collect (with the demo beads) the next day – after they have been annealed and slowly cooled down. Everything you need from glass, to safety glasses and equipment is included and I hold your hand the whole way through.

If you are too far from Howick why not send your Mom or friend a voucher.

If you become addicted ( which is totally probable) you can book more lessons or I will introduce you to a teacher wherever you are.

Don't want to set up your own studio?

Why not use Torch Time

You can come and use my equipment and buy what you need to do some practising.

Glass and other necessities you can buy from me. I will also help you with any other purchases.