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Handmade Murano Glass Beads

How I Started


In 2007 At a craft market I met BETSY ROWE who had recently returned from VENICE. She was making exquisite glass beads with a gas torch and I fell in love!! She had learnt the ancient Venetian art of melting glass and forming beads – called LAMPWORK. I took an introductory course with her and spent the next 3 years practising and learning the techniques required. In 2011 I opened my Studio/Shop in the KZN midlands.

What is lampwork used for?

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Lampwork beads can be sold loose to jewellery makers, made up into jewellery, used to adorn cutlery, wineglass charms, as Christmas tree decorations or just collected.

It is a very labour intensive craft and relatively unknown in Southern Africa. As there is no established industry here all the raw materials and tools are imported.

I am passionate about my craft and my mission is to spread the knowledge and practice of the craft in Africa. I offer individual tuition to beginners and more experienced Lampworkers in my home studio in Howick.